Increasing our Awareness

As we the Bucharians, are very unaware of what and who we represent as a group of Jews from Central Asia, id like to encourage awareness of Bucharian communities, Rabbis, organizations, and much more. Alot of the information i will expose on this site about our Bucharian global community at large, will come as a surprise to many of those who are intrigued about our unique culture, yet have no sense of identity. Hopefully, through many various articles, I will be able to reveal the preciousness and uniqueness of our rich and deep Bucharian culture and community around the world. If you are a Bucharian jew, and you would like to share your story, or your community/ organizations story, please write to May we connect one to another and become as single entity with a single heart.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

In the Makings...

It is in my intentions to post these topics about once a week.

Recipe Vault ( women, this is for ya'll)
Quote of the day (this is popular nowadays)
Food for thought (see if you can handle this!)
Stories (i know we're not in kindergarden, but ull just
looove them, post ur comments)
Bucharian Customs (its not as boring as it sounds)
Politics ( what can u do, we live in America)
Discussion Topics (alot to discuss, felllow bucharians)
Divrei Torah (we are Jews afterall)
Videos relating to us ( ud be amazed how many there are)
Interesting facts (stats, cool facts and more)
Miscellaneous (whatever comes up)

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