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As we the Bucharians, are very unaware of what and who we represent as a group of Jews from Central Asia, id like to encourage awareness of Bucharian communities, Rabbis, organizations, and much more. Alot of the information i will expose on this site about our Bucharian global community at large, will come as a surprise to many of those who are intrigued about our unique culture, yet have no sense of identity. Hopefully, through many various articles, I will be able to reveal the preciousness and uniqueness of our rich and deep Bucharian culture and community around the world. If you are a Bucharian jew, and you would like to share your story, or your community/ organizations story, please write to May we connect one to another and become as single entity with a single heart.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lefrak City

Rabbi Michael Borochov, the Rav of the community in Lefrak city has nurtured his community since its very beginning. He was able to raise a community of 100 families to a thriving and flourishing community of what is now 800 families. Of course, he naturally feels that the is his "baby."In 2006, the Rabbi made an incredible decision: He wanted to move to Eretz Yisrael. Of course this would mean leaving his community behind which he been with from the very beginning. And most astonishingly, not only this, but he also managed to take 20 families which are dearest and closest to him, amongst who are his students and followers with to Ramat beit Shemesh. He says as follows:

"But I knew," said Borochov, "that the community needs to see the example of their rabbi going before them. Immigration is never easy. When we left the Soviet Union, it was out of fear, we were scared. But now everyone is comfortable. For everyone, leaving is a risk. I'll show them that I can take the risk also."

The Rav courageously organized his young group of 20 families and settled in Ramat Beit Shemesh, a suburb in Jerusalem. He had previously shown them this town in the past and was now taking them on a pilgrimage to their destination. It is amazing to find the courage and belief in his followers. They mostly consitited of young families who were just married and had a few young children. 

Lets take a look into one of his followers ...

Mark Akbashev, 29, a business manager and a student at Yeshiva University, will be leaving in the first group with his wife and two children. His parents and his wife's parents will be staying in Queens. Many people ask him why he would want to leave America where he has found success, he said. He answers simply that he is investing in his children's future by taking them to their land. His paternal grandfather, he notes, spent two years to get from Central Asia to Jerusalem just to gather some earth and bring it back. All he has to do, though, is take an 11-hour flight.
What finally helped Akbashev decide to make the move he had been contemplating for years was the idea of going as part of a group of families he has gotten to know through Borochov's congregation.
"Unity," Akbashev said, "is the most important thing for us. As long as we go together we can help each other survive the bad days and rejoice with one another on the good days."
Wow! what an amazing community there is in our midst!

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